House rules and fair play

Respectful and tolerant behavior towards access control staff, facility staff, ASVZ staff and fellow participants is a prerequisite for participation. In addition, our house rules and fair play values apply to all members equally and throughout the entire ASVZ sports program to ensure that we can all enjoy a well-functioning sports program.

  • Access to ASVZ Sport Centers requires a successful membership check using the QR code from the ASVZ app at the check-in terminal. This applies to all ASVZ members without exception, regardless of the form of activity in the ASVZ. The portrait photo is displayed at the check-in terminal for identification purposes.
  • Participation in guided sports activities (classes, courses, camps) requires a valid membership as well as a valid booking. For the fitness you do not have to sign up in advance (but you still have to check in before entering).
  • Individual fitness training, use of free sports facilities and the locker rooms require a valid membership, but not a booking. Even in the absence of a booking requirement, however, checking in before entering a sports facility is still required.
  • If a member is unable to participate, they must cancel their booking within the booking deadline indicated on the detailed activity information page.

In case of checks, all persons are obliged to show proof of their valid membership as well as their valid booking for the guided sports activity.

The mass sports operations of the ASVZ with its 80,000 members can only function if all members observe the fair play principles and house rules. The following behaviors will result first in a reminder, then a warning in case of a repeat offence and finally an eight-day ban for the entire ASVZ sports program in case of a third offence:

  • Booking an activity and then not appearing
  • Non-compliance with the principles of fair play, for example participated in guided sports activities without a valid booking, not adhering to the house rules in sports rooms.

Persons who access ASVZ sports operations (facilities, activities, etc.) without a valid ASVZ membership or with a current block in place will have their personal details recorded and be charged a fee of CHF 100. In the event of repeated unlawful access, the fee will be doubled and a ban may be imposed for trespassing. The ASVZ reserves the right to file a criminal complaint.

  • Access to the ASVZ Sport Centres without prior check-in at the check-in terminal is prohibited.
  • The equipment and infrastructure must be treated with care. Damage caused to buildings or equipment must be reported to the facility management. If someone causes damage deliberately or through negligence, they will be held liable to pay compensation and a report of criminal damage will be made.
  • Disruption, harassment and offences against public decency will not be tolerated and will lead to criminal charges.
  • Electronic devices (mobile phones, tablets, laptops etc.) are strictly prohibited in all areas where people may be unclothed.
  • All types of advertising, photography and video recording must be authorized. Taking photographs or videos of other people without their prior consent is prohibited.
  • Clean sports clothes must be worn for training. Street clothes and street shoes are prohibited. In addition, a sports towel must be brought to all classes and fitness centers.
  • Sports bags and street clothes may not be brought into the sports halls. They must be left in the lockers. Inexpensive locks are available at the ASVZ info desk and sometimes at the facility management office. Unattended bags may be removed by the facility staff and can be recovered for a fee of CHF 15.
  • Participants must arrive on time for the start of the classes. Instructors may turn away anyone who arrives late.
  • The open times apply to everyone. All facilities must be vacated by closing time in the evening.
  • Children are not permitted to enter the sports facilities except during Juniors Club hours, see or permits through reservations.
  • Smoking and alcohol consumption are prohibited at all sports facilities.
  • Eating is not permitted in the sports halls.

Anyone who violates these rules may be banned from entering ASVZ premises.

Sports activities in our fitness training facilities only work if everyone behaves respectfully and in accordance with our rules. Go to the fair play rules at fitness facilities...