Why registration is required at the ASVZ

6. Juli 2023

Anyone wishing to workout at the ASVZ must have a valid membership as well as for guided group trainings a valid registration for the corresponding activity. With this measure, the ASVZ does not want to collect data about its members, nor enforce principles or «make life more difficult» for members. 

The positive aspects of universal registration:

  • Offer control: We can sensibly control our sports program according to demand and participant numbers and counteract overcrowded activities. 
  • Increase in quality due to limited space: Members receive what they are interested in and sign up for – namely guaranteed equipment and space to workout.
  • Planning for members: Members can already see how busy the corresponding activity will be when they book and can plan their ASVZ visit according to their preferences and, for example, avoid rush hours.
  • Planning ability for training leaders: The training sessions can be better planned and tailored to the number of participants, both in terms of training design, but also in terms of material or grouping.